Sergii Shevtsov


About Sergii

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Born in Kyrgyzstan, raised in Ukraine, and now based in North America, Sergii brings over a decade of agency experience to his craft as a director. His work is notable for its smart visual comedy and pacing, with cinematic compositions that often bring an element of surprise to the viewer.

Over the course of Sergii’s agency career, working his way up from copywriter to creative director, he fine-tuned his storytelling instincts and learned about production and post-production firsthand. His exposure to the processes of developing treatments, casting, running a set, and shepherding a project through post, all inspired him to get behind the camera himself. In 2020, he launched his directing career in his native Ukraine and quickly built up a portfolio working with local clients including The Hockey Federation of Ukraine and DTEK Energy, as well as international brands such as Burger King and McDonald’s.

Sergii is represented for commercial work by Institute in the U.S., and Radke Films in Canada.