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Mikayla Gamble is a multi-talented director and photographer known for her evocative visual storytelling. Her work artfully and authentically uncovers stories of the human experience, making space for nuance and complexity across documentary, commercials, music videos, and editorial. As a fast-rising talent, Mikayla’s short film “From the District to the World,” her music videos for artists such as Brent Faiyaz, Nana, and Amine, and her work for brands including Nike, Snapchat, and Gatorade have already made the industry take notice.

Mikayla grew up across the U.S. as part of a military family, where she learned how to quickly adjust to new environments and communities – a background which informs her flexibility and curiosity as a director. She went on to study digital media production at Florida State University, before moving to Los Angeles. In her work as both a director and photographer, she strives to break out of traditional narratives and follow the emotion of a story to often unexpected places, while embracing her naturally keen eye for composition and depth. In 2022, “From the District to the World” was shortlisted at the 1.4 Awards and also earned Mikayla a finalist spot at Ciclope for new talent in direction.