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Liz Unna is an award-winning commercial and documentary director whose stirring work honors the complex experiences of women and humanity. With an international upbringing that informs her open-minded approach to filmmaking, she grew up between Santa Fe and Brussels, attended school in Montreal, and has lived in Rome and now London.

Liz began her career in the Creative Services department at Discovery Channel and later became the Creative Director for Channel 4’s FilmFour and More4, where she earned several D&AD awards for crafting the brand’s on-air identity. Since transitioning to the director’s chair, she has worked with international brands including Samsung, Estée Lauder, American Airlines, Marks and Spencer, Google, Dove, Microsoft, and Volkswagen, and has earned accolades from Cannes Lions, the British Arrows, and the Shots Awards. She has also directed several short films and documentary projects, including Bringing the World to Britain and The Art of Satire, both for the Sunday Times. Across her work, Liz elevates nuances of the human experience, and explores craftsmanship, trade, societal movements, and more in both non-scripted and scripted storytelling.

Liz recently finished production on a feature documentary about independent watchmakers and our relationship with time.