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Juliana Curi is a Latina-Brazilian film director and visual artist whose work tells powerful stories of underrepresented communities, while critically examining themes of climate justice, gender identity, and colonialism. Her documentary feature UÝRA – The Rising Forest debuted at the 2022 Frameline Film Festival where it won the Audience Award, and also screened at 2022 Outfest where it received the Special Programming Award for Freedom. The film profiles Uýra, a trans indigenous performance artist who fights Brazil’s repressive political regime by traversing the Amazon to educate on and confront issues of structural racism, transphobia, and environmental destruction.

Juliana has a background in journalism and began her creative career at MTV Brazil, where she developed social impact campaigns targeted to Brazilian youth around HIV, politics, and climate justice. As a commercial director, she has crafted thought-provoking campaigns for P&G, Facebook, Mastercard, Visa, Avon, and Dove. Her ad “Sharing Makes Us Better” for P&G Ariel received the UN Women’s Equal to Equal Award, recognizing the best work in Latin America that breaks gender stereotypes. She also directed the launch film for More Grls, a Brazilian non-profit aiming to elevate female creative talent and combat gender inequality. In addition, Juliana is the co-founder of EUETU Lab, a free biennial incubation program for underrepresented filmmakers in Brazil.