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Bao Truong is an accomplished commercial director whose vibrant stylistic choices engage both the eye and the mind, ranging between irreverent, comedic, and emotionally deep worlds of storytelling. As a first-generation Vietnamese-American, he aims to platform AAPI voices and tell authentic stories of being caught between two cultures. Following a successful freelance career, he recently spent five years on the agency side as a creative at Hecho Studios before signing to the Institute roster.

Born and raised in Houston, Bao attended the prestigious Radio, Television and Film program at the University of Texas at Austin and began his directing career collaborating with local Texas brands as well as creating fashion films and music videos. Now based in Los Angeles, his commercial portfolio includes major international brands such as Capital One, Squarespace, Spotify, Nike, TikTok, Conde Nast, Bandai Namco, TOMS, Google, and many more. His work explores the nuances of real life, elevating everyday hidden beauty and investigating intersectional identity.

Bao is currently in post-production on his first short film The Recruit, which illustrates the experience of assimilation in modern culture.